About Us

Beardsley Research was founded in December, 2009 and its main offices are located in Oakland, California. Michael Beardsley, the founder, has been formally involved with equity research and investment banking since 1993. While at Merrill Lynch, Mr. Beardsley was a member of the “Institutional Investor” award winning Data Networking and Telecom Equipment Equity Research teams.

Beardsley Research employs Wall Street analysts who are disciplined in the art and science of fundamental equity research. The firm’s talented analysts have worked for major “Bulge Bracket” firms as “sell side” equity analysts or in smaller, boutique investment banks and independent equity research firms. The common denominator among each Beardsley analyst is intelligence, industry expertise, and an ability to discern important elements of a company, and that information’s impact on company valuation.

Independence and Ojbectivity

Although the firm has alliances with investment banks and brokerage firms, it enjoys independence and objectivity. Unlike so many other research departments, Beardsley Research is not tied to the prospect of performing investment banking transactions. In fact, Beardsley Research is directly compensated by the companies in which it follows. It charges an up front fee to provide equity research coverage for a period of 12 months. Because unwavering objectivity is an integral element to the firm’s approach, the firm does not receive stock options and warrants from its research clients and structures analyst compensation in a manner which minimizes any conflicts of interest.

Industry Sectors

The firm’s analysts provide equity research coverage for public companies which operate in high growth sectors including Communications Technology, Internet, Clean Technology, Alternative Energy, Health Care, Industrial, and Special Situations.